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How do I make more money? How do I grow my business while also growing my family? How can I start making decisions in my company based on accurate financial data? Can I really turn my passion into profits??

Welcome to the Profit Factor Podcast! Each week join host, Deani Wolfe, for an honest convo about all things profit. Tune in as Denai drops financial bits of wisdom in words you can actually understand.

Your numbers tell the story of your company. And you know the best part? Numbers don't lie. So let's stop with the fluff and get honest about why we started our businesses...we started them to make money!

In this podcast, Denai offer practical tips, resources, and even guest interviews to help you take control of your business bank account so that you have more money to fuel your passion business of yours. Her mantra: "if it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense!"

Join her each week as she helps you understand financial structures and process, set up future-focused financials, and empower you with the knowledge you need to make a PROFIT.

After all, that's why we do this entrepreneurial life!

Mar 31, 2022

In this week's episode of The Profit Factor Podcast I'm talking all about the REAL reason you started your business - to make MONEY!

We could go round and round all day about the idea of "If you are doing it for the money then you're in it for the wrong reason" but I gotta tell ya, I think that's bananas. Because the...

Mar 24, 2022

In this week's episode of The Profit Factor Podcast I'm talking all about why Simplicity is the key to Profitability in business!

Math is complex enough without adding layers of extra stress to managing your money. If you want to successfully run and grow a profitable company, Keeping It Simple is the way to master...

Mar 17, 2022

In this week's episode of The Profit Factor Podcast I'm addressing the skeleton in all entrepreneurs’ closets - shoeboxes full of receipts!

We’ve all been there. Each year we start with the best of intentions to set up a receipt management system but before we know it the shoe box is exploding and we’ve got no...

Mar 10, 2022

On this week's episode I am going to teach you exactly how to record your PPP loan forgiveness in Quickbooks.

#BlastFromThePast: Remember when PPP forgiveness was the buzz in biz? For most of 2020/21, PPP loans were all we spoke about. I had my daughter in May of 2020 and I was completely convinced her first word would...

Mar 3, 2022

On this episode I am diving head first into why Cash is Queen when it comes to your small business and I'm sharing 15 Tips to Keep your cash flowing like the Nile!

The number one reason that businesses go under is lack of cash flow because managing the cash in your business can be tricky. Believe it or not, even...