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How do I make more money? How do I grow my business while also growing my family? How can I start making decisions in my company based on accurate financial data? Can I really turn my passion into profits??

Welcome to the Profit Factor Podcast! Each week join host, Deani Wolfe, for an honest convo about all things profit. Tune in as Denai drops financial bits of wisdom in words you can actually understand.

Your numbers tell the story of your company. And you know the best part? Numbers don't lie. So let's stop with the fluff and get honest about why we started our businesses...we started them to make money!

In this podcast, Denai offer practical tips, resources, and even guest interviews to help you take control of your business bank account so that you have more money to fuel your passion business of yours. Her mantra: "if it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense!"

Join her each week as she helps you understand financial structures and process, set up future-focused financials, and empower you with the knowledge you need to make a PROFIT.

After all, that's why we do this entrepreneurial life!

Dec 9, 2021

Welcome to The Profit Factor Podcast!

In this week's episode we are joined by Kelly Jones, The Cleaning Girl, to discuss Six Figures and Freedom within your biz.

You might be on a quest to bring in that magical six-figure income, but all the money in the world won't bring you happiness if you don't have the energy to enjoy it.

A successful entrepreneur knows how to balance Profits and Purpose - and doesn't get stuck in the trap of sacrificing their freedom for the sake of their business.

Press play now to learn:

  • How focusing on freedom provides consistency and stability in your biz
  • Why your time is far more valuable than money, and
  • Ways to prioritize your freedom WITHOUT sacrificing your profits!

Grab your copy of my Free Profit Plan Tool, get comfy and let's go!